General Terms and Conditions

I. Initial provisions

  1. The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Nám. SNP 33, 813 31 Bratislava (hereinafter „the operator“) ensures the operation of the website (hereinafter „the website“).
  2. The website is aimed at presenting cultural events (hereinafter „an event“) by organizations established by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter „the event organizer“) and also provides other services related to the reservation and sale of tickets for selected events following cultural institutions of the MC SR:
    • Nová Scéna Theater, Bratislava
    • Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
    • Košice State Theatre, Košice
    • State Opera, Banská Bystrica
    • Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, Bratislava
    • Košice State Philharmonic Orchestra, Košice
    • State Chamber Orchestra, Žilina
    • Cinema Lumière, Bratislava
    • Studio 12 Theatre
  3. A website visitor is a natural person who visits the site to obtain information on current and/or upcoming events, and can also use the website services, and book or buy tickets to selected events.
  4. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter „GTC“) govern the relationship between the website operator, event organizers and website visitor.

II. Portal operation

  1. The website operation is ensured 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on the Internet at
  2. To facilitate communication with website visitors, the website operator set up an email address, through which it is possible to report issues related to the website operation and the services it provides. Each reported problem is solved during weekdays from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The website visitor is informed about the status and method of resolving the problems they reported.
  3. The website operator reserves the right to temporarily shut down the website during the time necessary for technical maintenance. The temporary shutdown of the website will be announced on the home page of the website at least 24 hours before the planned technical maintenance.
  4. The website visitor is obliged to use the website so as not to impair its functioning in accordance with the instructions posted on the website.
  5. Distribution of any website content without the prior written consent of the website operator is prohibited. The website content is protected by copyright law.
  6. The event organizer regularly updates the list of events and also publishes information about upcoming events in their competence generally 30 days prior to their implementation.
  7. Event information published on the website contains the following information:
    • name of event,
    • the name of the event organizer,
    • information on the event,
    • start of event,
    • the event venue,
    • admission price
  8. The website visitors may obtain further information about the event organizer in the Institutions section, especially contacts, box office opening hours, discounts and the option of booking tickets by phone.
  9. The event organizer is responsible for the content of information on the specific event organizer published on the website.

III. Ticket reservation and sale

  1. The website visitors may use the services related to the reservation and purchasing of tickets to selected events published on the website as a registered customer or without registration.
  2. The website visitor without registering may reserve or buy a maximum of 4 tickets per event, the ticket reservation time being 20 minutes. Confirmations of the reservation or purchased tickets are automatically sent to the email address provided by the website visitor during the booking or ticket purchase for a particular event, in the Without Reservation section.
  3. Ticket reservation and purchase through the website can be done by a registered website visitor through the website (hereinafter „registered customer“) after logging in to the system.
  4. The registered customer has the following advantages after logging into the system:
    • access to all their reservations and purchased tickets,
    • the option of booking more than 4 seats per event,
    • ticket reservation time in the case of its online purchase is extended to 30 minutes.
    • ticket reservation time in the case of its online purchase is extended to 30 minutes.
  5. Confirmation of the reservation of tickets containing basic information about the event, the event organizer, and the reservation identifier is automatically sent to the email address of the customer.
  6. The customer can pay for the reserved tickets at any time during the validity of the reservation either via the eCard service, or purchase them upon confirmation of the ticket booking at any ticket office of the event organizer. When buying tickets, the reservation identifier must be reported to the cashier, and it is possible to apply the discount on the ticket price under the terms of trade of the event organizer published on their website (e.g. discounts for students, disabled, children, elderly).
  7. After the expiry of the ticket reservation time, the system automatically releases them for further booking and sale through the website.
  8. Extensions can only be requested electronically by e-mail at or the relevant cultural institution. Repeated interference and re-creation of city reservations at the same performance is considered to be a deliberate blocking of places to harm the organizer's business interests. The Operator reserves the right to cancel the reservation of such a customer after a prior mistrust and, in the event of non-observance of a notice of inadmissibility, to block the registration of the customer at
  9. Online ticket payment takes place via the eCard service by Všeobecná úverová banka, which allows the website visitors to pay for the ticket using the VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, and Diners Club payment card (if the issuing bank allows the implementation of e-commerce transactions using these cards). When paying, the website visitor is redirected to the VUB payment website, which further implements the financial transaction.
  10. After the ticket payment the system automatically sends the ticket to the email address of the customer who purchased the ticket (hereinafter „the ticket owner“), in electronic form (PDF file), which the ticket owner can print out on a printer capable of printing on A4-size paper. In the case of registered visitors, the ticket is also stored in their personal account in the Orders section.
  11. Every ticket purchased online also includes a unique identifying bar code (hereinafter „identification code“). Each ticket may be used only once. The system records the tickets issued by identification codes. The ticket is a voucher whose counterfeiting is punished. The ticket includes at least the following information:
    • event title,
    • event date,
    • the identification code,
    • the event venue,
    • ticket price,
    • the name of the event organizer
  12. When presenting the yet unused ticket with a valid identification code, the event organizer is required to allow the ticket owner access to the event according to the information on the ticket under the terms of the event's visit published by the event organizer on their website.
  13. According to Act No. 102/2014 Coll. on consumer protection, when selling goods or providing services based on a the contract concluded remotely or a contract concluded away from the seller's business premises of, the ticket owner who used the service to purchase tickets for the selected event via the website, they may not withdraw from the ticket purchase. Ticket for the event is a contract under which the event organizer agrees to provide a service to the ticket owner for their free time, i.e. event at the agreed time or term of performance.

IV. Liability

  1. The event organizer is fully responsible for the event performance in relation to the ticket owner, as well as the implementation of all rights belonging to the ticket owner based on existing legislation.
  2. The ticket owner is entitled to exercising all their rights, claims, or complaints arising from the ticket purchase (including claims from liability for defects, damage and/or the resulting loss) directly with the event organizer at the address indicated on the ticket.
  3. The website operator is only responsible for the proper and timely issue of tickets and the sending of tickets to a specified email address entered by the registered customer during registration, or to the email address specified in the Without Registration section.
  4. When booking tickets or buying tickets without registering, the website operator is not liable for the non-delivery of reservation confirmation or non-delivery of purchased tickets if the website visitor entered the wrong email address in the Without Registration section.
  5. The website operator and event organizer accept no liability for consequential loss, theft, damage or destruction of the tickets and they are not required to provide a replacement ticket to the ticket owner.

V. Ticket cancellation

  1. In case of the event change or cancellation, the event organizer is responsible for the return of the ticket price to the ticket owner, usually at the box office of the given event organizer in cash upon presentation of the ticket with an identification code. The event organizer can also offer a ticket to a replacement event to the ticket owner.
  2. If the ticket owner visits the replacement event in the case of change to the event, they are no longer entitled to a refund of the ticket price, as well as a compensation of the possible price difference between the original and the replacement event.
  3. The ticket cancellation in other cases is determined by the event organizer in terms of their trade conditions, and it is necessary to directly contact the event organizer. Contact details are on the website in the Institutions section.

VI. Personal data processing

  1. The website operator and event organizers are entitled and obliged to process the personal data of registered customers in accordance with relevant legislation on personal data protection, in particular Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on personal data protection. The processing of personal data is necessary for the provision of services related to the ticket reservation and sale.
  2. The website visitor provides their personal data when registering to the extent of their name, surname, address, phone/email contact. To log into the system, registered customers use the email address and password they created during registration or changed in their personal profile.
  3. The operator discloses the personal information of the registered customer to the event organizer for the above purpose in relation to which they were acquired.
  4. A registered customer may at any time request the cancellation of their registration for the use of services related to the reservation or purchase of tickets by sending a request by email to
  5. Rights of a registered customer specified in Paragraph 28 of Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on personal data protection remain unaffected.
  6. The website operator and event organizers undertake that the personal data will be protected against accidental and unlawful damage or destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized access and disclosure, as well as against any other unauthorized forms of processing. The operator and event organizers will also undertake to preserve the confidentiality of personal data collected.

VII. Final provisions

  1. These GTC are published on the Internet at
  2. By confirming the interest in booking or buying a ticket to selected events through the website, the website visitor agrees with the contents of these GTC, with they were familiarized with and accepted them.
  3. All relations not regulated by these GTC are governed by generally binding legal regulations valid in the Slovak Republic. The operator reserves the right to change the GTC.
  4. These GTC are valid from 1 June 2017.