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Content administrator and technical operator:

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Nám. SNP No. 33
813 31 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 2 20482 111

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic acts as a central government body, contributes to creating conditions for the development and presentation of culture in all areas of art and the state language, and coordinates the procedures for ensuring the implementation of state cultural policy.

The website www.navstevnik.sk has regular contributions of information on events carried out by the following institutions of the Slovak Ministry of Culture:

  • Bibiana, International House of Art for Children
  • Theatre Institute
  • Nová Scéna Theatre
  • Music Centre
  • Literature Information Centre
  • Museum of the Slovak National Uprising
  • National Enlightenment Centre
  • Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic
  • Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Matej Hrebenda's Slovak Library for the Blind in Levoča
  • Slovak National Gallery
  • Slovak National Library in Martin
  • Slovak Central Observatory
  • Slovak Design Centre
  • Slovak National Theatre
  • Slovak National Museum
  • Slovak Technical Museum
  • Slovak Film Institute
  • Slovak Folk Art Ensemble/SĽUK
  • Košice State Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Banská Bystrica State Opera
  • State Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica
  • State Scientific Library in Košice
  • State Scientific Library in Prešov
  • Košice State Theatre
  • Žilina State Chamber Orchestra
  • Lúčnica Artistic Ensemble
  • University Library in Bratislava
  • The Centre for Folk Art Production

Purpose of the website

The website www.navstevnik.sk has the ambition to be a comprehensive presentation, reservation and ticketing sales website of the Ministry of Culture.

Its aim is to facilitate access of site visitors and lovers of culture to the broadest possible information on the program offer of public cultural facilities from a single Internet access point to the maximum possible extent, as well as facilitate access to reserve or purchase tickets to selected events.

The website in addition to information on cultural state facilities and their program offer, the visitors can find a number of useful services - get an overview of free seats at the theatre or concert halls, and the opportunity to select, book or even buy tickets for the selected event from the comfort of their own home, pay on-line pay and print them out.

Through registration the visitor obtains updated information sent by e-mail, for example, regarding the cancellation or change of event, which may save them a possible unpleasant surprise while visiting a cultural facilities.

The system www.navstevnik.sk currently involves all the organizations of the cultural sector. Gradually, however, we plan to expand the system to other public or general institutions who show interest in participation.

The website provides a selection of events by:

  • of the preferred type (theatre, concerts, exhibitions, folk culture, Lumière cinema and others),
  • the event date (today, tomorrow, weekend, week, month, from-to),
  • cultural institution,
  • town/village near the residence,
  • inclusion in the target group (children and youth, families, organized performances for schools)

Comments and suggestions

Although our system focuses on information about all cultural events in the cultural sector, we also supplement the information about every organization in the sector with its website link so that you can address any comments and suggestions on the published events directly to the particular institution. Your opinions and suggestions for the further improvement of this website will be equally welcomed by us at our contact address:

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Námestie SNP 33
813 31 Bratislava 1

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