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1. In the advanced search do I have to mark some choice in each zone or just in one?

For each zone it applies that if no choice is indicated, the search engine understands it as if they were all identified and selected according to all criteria.

If at least one choice is marked in the zone, restrict the search criteria according to your choice.

2. I want to change/supplement my registration information in the portal. How can I do it?

After logging in to the portal it is sufficient to show the arrow to the right of the name of the registered customer and drop down the menu, which is a reference to the Profile section. In it the corresponding data can be amended or supplemented. We recommend stating in particular a telephone contact, if necessary, to allow a more flexible response and faster problem solving.

3. In some places in the hall it says tickets are unavailable through the portal. Can they be purchased in person at the box office or in some other way?

Every cultural institution has the possibility of reserving some places for business purposes (for employees, contractors, sponsors...). These places are marked with a crossed-out N and are reserved until the competent institution decides to a possible re-release for the sale.

Places marked as unavailable – with a diagonal bar – are permanently reserved for health and fire service.

4. I am interested in visiting a performance, but all seats are already occupied or reserved. What is the time limit applied to the booking? Is it possible that no seats have been made available for the performance?

The duration of the booking should be determined by each individual cultural institution. It is stated on the booking confirmation sent by the system and after the expiration the booking is automatically canceled. However, if the customer does not meet the duration of the booking they have the possibility of asking the appropriate cultural institutions for its extension in an email message, it being necessary to state the booking number and the date so as to choose the tickets.

Contact :
Nová scéna (New Stage) Theater :
Slovak National Theater :
Košice State Theater :
State Opera, Banská Bystrica :
Slovak Philharmonic :
Košice State Philharmonic :
State Chamber Orchestra, Žilina :
Lumiere Cinema :
These contacts can also be used for the bulk orders of tickets (invoice).

5. I have booked tickets. Where can I pick them up?

The reserved tickets can now be picked up in any of the box offices of the cultural institutions to which they apply at any time during the operating hours. It is required to submit the booking number to the box office. When paying you can also request a discount on the price if offered by the institution for the performance and the customer can prove that they qualify for it.

6. I have booked tickets. Can they be paid for via the Internet?

After opening the ORDERS sections in their account the registered customer can pay for the tickets booked online. After clicking on the booking number a window will open at the bottom right tab for purchasing or printing.

7. Can a reserved seat be cancelled? How many days before the performance and what are the cancellation conditions?

The information of registered customers about their orders and bookings are stored in their account on the portal návštevník. The menu expands after moving the arrow to the right of the name of the registered customer. After opening the Booking section bookings can be canceled by clicking the mark on the right side of the line. ATTENTION: deliberate interference and repeated booking of the same sites is prohibited and the portal operator may be penalized!

8. I want to apply a discount ticket price, but when booking or paying through the portal I do not have that option...

The discount on the price of tickets may be requested only during personal payments in the box office of cultural institutions. In this case, it is irrelevant that the customer booked the tickets at full price, the institutions provide a discount if the customer proves that they are eligible for it.

9. Is it possible to cancel the already paid ordered tickets through the portal?

According to the terms and conditions, the cancellation of tickets can only be refunded with the changes or cancelling of performances. In that case, it can only be applied for in person at the box office of the cultural institutions, the prerequisite being the submission of the unused ticket.

10. I want to buy tickets through the portal, but I have no VUB credit card. What should I do?

For online payments there can be used MasterCard, Visa and Diners Club International, or MAESTRO and VISA ELECTRON cards when issued by banks established in the Slovak Republic or by banks authorized to issue payment cards in Slovakia and their issuer allowing Internet transactions with this type of payment cards.

11. I want to buy tickets, but do not have the option to pay online by card. How do I pay another way?

In this case, tickets can only be booked and paid in person at the ticket office of the cultural institutions.

12. a) When entering payment details when buying tickets online my internet connection failed and I could not pay for the tickets. However, the portal displays the information that they have been sold. How can I unblock them?

b) I ordered tickets and entered my billing information. On the screen, however, I have for a few minutes the lit status “Bank transaction processing” and the system will not let me print out my tickets.

c) I created an order, but I accidentally left the payment portal and suspended the payment. How can I additionally pay for the ticket?

When paying online, you'll be redirected to the VUB payment portal through which you will execute the transaction. Unless the transaction is interrupted (departure from the portal, Internet connection failure…) or not performed correctly (the card issuer doesn’t verify its data or the transaction is not allowed, the price of the tickets exceeds the daily limit of the card), the system waits for about 20 minutes, during which the tickets are disabled. By the expiration of 20 minutes the system automatically re-releases the tickets for resale

13. I ordered the tickets. The order has been paid, confirmed and I already received the tickets. Subsequently, the system sent me a notice that my payment for the order has failed for technical reasons. Is my order right?

This situation occurs if the customer has not completed/fulfilled the payment after entering the VUB payment portal (leaving the portal) and they quickly repeat the payment until it is successfully accomplished. The system reacts to both orders independently, so the second one (the successful one) is performed by the 40-minute waiting period for the successful completion of the first one (unsuccessful). After the confirmation of receiving ticket price to the account, the system immediately reacts by sending the tickets to the customer’s email address so it is delivered faster than the message about the unsuccessful order. With reference to the present payment portal settings this rather confusing problem cannot be solved, so the following universal rule applies here: IF THE SYSTEM SENDS THE TICKETS TO THE CUSTOMER’S EMAIL IN PDF FORMAT WITH VARIOUS BAR CODES THEY ARE ALWAYS VALID.

14. I booked my tickets as an unregistered user and would like to pay online, but I have not found such an option?

Only a registered user can pay for booked tickets online.

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